October 2023 – Years of Service Pins

Through the years, your talents and efforts have helped our success. Together, we take pride in your accomplishment and your commitment to excellence.

15 Years
Phillip Alvis II
Ryan I. Atwood
Michael D. Brinkley
William Browning III
Brandon K. Cable
Ronnie K. Cable
Nathan P. Durbin
James P. Graham
Jared H. Hamilton
Peter R. Hofmeister
Tyler E. Marshall
Gregory T. Mattingly
Aaron D. May
Zackariah M. Mock
Austin Z. Morgan
Joshua D. Pembrook
Andrew T. Price
Jeremy D. Proctor
Brandon M. Ragland
Joshua J. Raterman
Matthew L. Reese
Donald C. Reinhardt
Lloyd Shetler Jr.
Scott W. Tinnon
Jon P. Viernum

30 Years
John R. Morehead

35 Years
John R. Morehead
James H Byrnes
Terry E. Holler
Mark G. Kohlenberger
Richard D. Parker

50 Years
William R Hardwick