What is a Boilermaker?


A journeyman Boilermaker is a tradesperson who must possess the full range of knowledge, abilities and skills required to fabricate, construct, install, assemble, erect, demolish, repair and maintain a wide variety of vessels, tanks, towers, boilers, hoists and other structures, ancillary equipment and fixtures made of steel, other metals, and other materials. The broad scope of the boilermaker trade includes the construction and maintenance activities performed in the field and in industrial and commercial plants such as:

  • cement plants
  • fertilizer plants
  • water treatment facilities
  • breweries
  • sawmills
  • iron and steel production facilities
  • steam generation plants
  • electric power generation (thermal, nuclear, hydro) plants
  • gas turbines
  • refineries (oil, chemical)
  • shipbuilding and repair docks
  • pulp and paper mills
  • wind and fusion sites
  • and many other industrial and commercial facilities

Boilermakers Local 363’s jurisdiction

Boilermaker Duties

A Boilermaker is skilled in welding, oxy acetylene cutting, gouging, rigging, turning wrenches, jack-hammering, confined spaces, heights, reading blueprints, layout work, tube rolling, tank building, and working with cranes. We are not only welders, we are Boilermakers and we can do it all.

The work is extremely hazardous, therefore a Boilermaker must also be a knowledgeable and willing to abide by current up to date safety standards and practices for the industry. It will be your duty to learn the trade from the generation before you and pass that, plus any new skills, on to the next generation.

Our History

  • Chartered in 1903

Officers Current & Past

William Mulconnery
Business Manager

Brian Cutsinger

Chad Verble
Vice President

Paul Underhill
Recording Secretary

Josh Raterman
Trustee Chairman

Mike Dinan

Jim Irwin

Bradley English

Abbie Weber
Office Manager